• August 6, 2018

Juan Antonio Guirado

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To speak of Juan Antonio Guirado is to speak of tradition and innovation. Within his works we can find a trajectory through the most profound Spanish tradition, with reproductions of its landscapes and its people; but we can also find a great proximity to the problems of society, humanity and the environment, and the condemnation of situations that are very current. The importance of his work resides in the relevance of his themes. His work forces us to look within our-selves to be able to reflect on what is happening around us. His work creates awareness. Guirado is the heir of a strong artistic tradition. In his work we can see the influence of Gauguin, Kandinsky, Abstract Expressionism and Bosch. The great impact he has had is evident in the press and in the works that belong to important collectors worldwide. These include: King Hussein of Jordan, Catherine Dickens, J.D. Salinger, Pedro Gilabert, Walter Schindler and John Schle-singer, in addition to the works that belong to various institutions such as the National Museum Reina Sofia Art Centre or the National Museum of Fine Arts in Valletta.
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