• November 14, 2018

Dain Yoon

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Dain Yoon believes her illusion art mirrors the way people experience the world. “People live in illusions,” says the 24-year-old artist from Seoul, South Korea. “People see everything in their own subjective way.” Dain Yoon goes by the name designdain on Instagram, where she exhibits her beautiful body and face illusion paintings. Although the art looks Photoshopped, they are actually 100% authentic. Her perfect illusions of eyes, lips and faces have many gazing, feeling dizzy or even freaked out. Since childhood, Dain had a knack for painting. Her talent allowed her to attend the most prestigious arts schools in South Korea: Yewon Arts Secondary, Seoul Arts High School and Korean National University of Arts, where she graduated both at the top of her class. Great painting skills however, are only half of the magical equation here. Yoon’s sharp observation and fascination with the complexity of human beings is what elevates her art to a higher level: “The real face reveals itself underneath the hand that hid it, expressing how the first impression of a person does not tell the whole story.” With ‘Illusion art,’ Yoon has explored multi-faceted ways to eloquently express a person’s diversity, as well as the portrayal of sensations arising from the impressions of her artistic upbringing. With her mother also being an artist, and a father employed in the department of architecture, family has greatly affected her artistic exploration within her own favorite medium: painting.   When it comes to her inspirations, Dain takes on a humble point of view: “Anything, even in very ordinary life, could be great inspirations… As long as one takes on a unique perspective.”
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